Cleanroom Face Masks

clean room face masks

Our Cleanroom & Industrial Face Masks are engineered for enhanced protection against the entry of particulates into a cleanroom or other controlled environments.People are known to be a significant source of contamination in any critical manufacturing process so having the right mask for the job, can make a critical difference. We offer sterile face masks for healthcare (USP 797), and biomedical device manufacturing operations. All of our standard face masks are used across many different industries and controlled environments, including laboratories, biotech research facilities, and other aerospace, microelectronics, and semiconductor industries.

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BCR® 3-Layer with Knitted Earloops

BCR 3-Layer Face Mask features knitted earloops and meltblown polypropylene filter.
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BCR® 3-Layer with Polyurethane Earloops

BCR 3-Layer Face Masks with Polyurethane Earloops for filtration and long-term wear.
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