Cleanroom Paper

Cleanroom Documentation including Cleanroom Paper & Notebooks. We provide high quality cleanroom paper products that vastly reduce the risk of particle contamination often associated with bringing paper products into a cleanroom environment.Our clean room paper and notebooks are made with the purest-quality cellulose from specially selected forests and are specially coated to minimize particle and fiber release. Berkshire documentation solutions are used across many controlled environments, including laboratories, biotech research facilities, and other aerospace, electronics, and semiconductor, circuit board, healthcare (USP 797) , university & research, and biomedical device manufacturing operations.

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BCR® Bond Cleanroom Paper

Berkshire’s BCR Bond is low-linting cleanroom paper made of the cellulose and suited for ISO Class 3–7 applications.
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BCR® CleaNotes® are "sticky notes" for controlled environments. A special adhesive backing that won't leave contaminants in the cleanroom.
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BCR® MyNotes Notebooks

Berkshire’s BCR MyNotes documentation systems are low-linting, cleanroom paper pads and notebooks for use in controlled environments.
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EcoBond® Recyclable Cleanroom Paper

EcoBond is a biodegradable, recyclable bond for ISO Class 3 and above environments.
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