Lab-Tips® Large Sampling Swab (LTP125S)

The Lab-Tips® Large Sampling Swab (LTP125S) is a large knitted polyester swab and an excellent choice for general cleaning and surface sampling. Its unique semi-flexible internal paddle provides greater surface coverage and groves on the handle make for easy snapping. Its cleanroom laundered knitted head provide ultra-low NVR and ion levels

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Construction Knitted
Material Polyester
Tip Length 25mm
Handle Length 100mm
Total Swab Length 125mm

Berkshire's knitted polyester swabs are made from cleanroom-laundered continuous filament polyester for exceptional purity and offer low ionic contamination levels along with excellent durability and absorbent capacity. Knitted polyester swabs have excellent chemical resistance and are compatible with organic solvents. For sampling surfaces for cleaning validation in many industries

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No. Per Pack Packs Per Case
LTP125S.25 20 25

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