MicroPolx® 1100

Cleanroom Laundered Polyester Microfiber Knitted Wiper
MicroPolx 1100 is a 100% polyester microfiber sealed edge
cleanroom wiper, laundered and packaged in an ISO Class 4
cleanroom. The wiper’s microfiber yarn has 3 times the
surface area of standard polyester yarns, resulting in a
soft smooth surface and more efficient cleaning performance.
Laser cut edges and a proprietary laundering
process provide critically low particle and fiber
release as well as best-in-class ion and non-volatile
residue levels. MicroPolx 1100 is recommended for
sensitive applications in ISO Class 4 (Class 10) and
above cleanrooms.

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ISO Class 4–5
Construction Microfiber
Material Polyester
Edge Sealed Edge

Key Attributes
* 100% polyester microfiber construction
* 3 times the yarn surface area of standard polyester cleanroom wipers
* Laser cut edges minimize fiber and particle generation
* Laundered and packaged in an ISO Class 4 (Class 10) cleanroom
* Stable double knit construction
* Low ion and NVR levels

* Stable double knit construction, continuous filament yarns and tight knit structure provide excellent abrasion resistance
* Soft smooth surface is suitable for cleaning sensitive or scratch prone surfaces
* High fiber surface area for improved wiping efficiency
* Chemically compatible with IPA and other commonly used solvents
* Light weight material design as compared to other microfiber wipes reduces cost in use
* Steam autoclavable for aseptic applications

* Designed for use in ISO Class 4 (Class 10) and higher cleanroom environments
* Cleaning delicate or scratch sensitive surfaces
* Suited for cleaning optical machinery and tools
* Cleaning of medical device products
* Applying or removing cleaning and disinfecting solutions
* Flat panel displays
* Cell phone and tablet screens
* Repair/rework mobile devices

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No. Per Pack Packs Per Case Sheet DIMs (Standard) Sheet DIMs (Metric)
MP1100090914 150 14 9" x 9" 23cm x 23cm
MP1100121210 150 10 12" x 12" 30cm x 30cm

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MicroPolx-1100-lint-free-wipeMicroPolx -1100-screen-cleaning

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