ValuSeal® IonX®

Berkshire ValuSeal® IonX® is a laser-sealed-edge, cleanroom laundered wiper recommended for ISO Class 3 and above cleanroom environments. Composed of 100% polyester continuous filament yarns, its smooth knit construction and laser-sealed edges make it deal wiper for applications requiring critically low levels of particle and fiber release along with durability and chemical compatibility. A proprietary ISO Class 4 cleanroom laundry process insures ultra-low NVR and ionic contaminant levels, making ValuSeal® IonX® suitable for the most sensitive cleaning processes.

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ISO Class 3–5
Construction Knitted
Material Polyester
Edge Laser-Cut

Light weight wiper material design reduces actual cost in use compared to heavier weight products. Chemically compatible with IPA, Acetone and other solvents. Designed for the highest level of cleanroom contamination control in critical processing applications. Steam autoclavable for aseptic applications. Laundered and packaged in an ISO Class 4 cleanroom.

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No. Per Pack Packs Per Case Sheet DIMs (Standard) Sheet DIMs (Metric)
VSI.0708B.14 150 (Bulk) 14 7" x 8" 18cm x 20cm
VSI.0909B.14 150 (Bulk) 14 9" x 9" 23cm x 23cm
VSI.0909.14 150 14 9" x 9" 23cm x 23cm

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